2563 1H RCACC Petrolia initially started out as a satellite Troop of 102 1H RCACC Sarnia in Sept 1986, parading weekly in the Dunlop Transport Building on Kentail Street in Petrolia. The Dunlop building was space being donated free for use by the cadets by Jim Dunlop.

This satellite Troop was enabled due to a sizable contingency of 102 cadets that lived in the Petrolia area. These cadets had been driving into Sarnia weekly and training there for some time. A solution to simplify their situation to avoid missing training over winter months due to poor weather was first proposed by Petrolia OPP officer Fred Keates, who had two sons in the 102 Corps at the time.


Helping the situation along a great deal, a few Parents and their colleagues that had previously made the decision to get more involved and enrol as officers or act as civilian instructors at 102 Sarnia, eventually overseeing training in Petrolia.


These active participants consisted of Petrolia Town Police Officer Tom Wiggins SR (an OCdt at the Time) and Petrolia Town Police Officer Hugh Clouse and Harvey & Margaret Wilson. All acting as the initial primary driving force to raise and maintain a viable Army Cadet Troop in Petrolia. They also eventually recruited the aid of follow Petrolia Town Police Officer Charlie Conrod to come on as a Civilian Instructor as well. Their efforts at this time by doing this were vital to the inevitable future activation of 2563 as its own independent Corps.


By the "Annual Inspection" on June 13, 1987, 102 Commanding Officer at the time was Major Karl Pfisterer (a Captain at the time) and the cadet RSM was CWO Steve Filbeck. Due to some very effective recruiting actioned by previous cadet RSM Paul Loewenberg, the Petrolia Troop was elevated to full Squadron status and known as "B Squadron" cadet SSM WO Mike Clouse. Sarnia was known as "A Squadron" cadet SSM WO Nick Thiel.


From Sept of 1987 to Sept of 1988, along with this Petrolia based staff, B Squadron was renamed C Squadron, eventually commanded by Capt Carl Russell (a Lieutenant at the time). With both the 102 Cadet Captain Steve Filbeck (Promoted Sept 30, 1987, SOS Feb 24, 1988) and Cadet RSM CWO Nick Thiel (Promoted Sept 30, 1987), trading off on a week about regime, one week in Petrolia and then one week in Sarnia.


This combined effort between Officers and 102 senior cadets ensured the Petrolia Squadron a high level of turn-out and training.

Other key senior cadets on the ground working in Petrolia at the time were Mike Clouse, Paul Ainsworth, Kelly Wilson, Owen Oriet and Gerry Oriet. These cadets laid the foundation for the future cadet leadership of 2563.

Due to a massive recruiting effort actioned in both Petrolia and Sarnia in September 1987, 102 was quickly doubled in size within 21 days. This quickly led to the CO Capt Pfisterer to be promoted to the rank of Major and the re instalment of cadet officer ranks as well. Highest cadet enrollment for the 1987-1988 training year between both the Sarnia and Petrolia Squadrons was 137 cadets on strength.


A final "Annual Inspection" was held at the Sarnia Armouries on Saturday June 11, 1988 with both Squadrons together. Acting 102 Corps CO at the time was Capt Gary Fisher, Petrolia based cadet Paul Ainsworth was the cadet Capt (promoted June 8. 1988) and Sarnia based cadet CWO Nick Thiel was the Cadet RSM.


Parade state from that final Annual Inspection shows 76 cadets from Sarnia, 38 cadets from Petrolia on parade, 7 total excused and 1 absent. This was the last time Sarnia and Petrolia cadets would parade together as a single unit.


In Sept 1988, the Petrolia Squadron started their training year operating as an independent unit away from a Sarnia, with a very firm plan to become their own Corps. Officially becoming their own Corps November 25, 1988. The old Sarnia Central Collegiate Army Cadet Corps unit number "2563" which was disbanded in 1972 was then reactivated and assigned to Petrolia.


Commanding Officer's position was initially offered to Petrolia Squadron OC Capt Carl Russell, but Capt Russell declined the position, opting to parade in Sarnia and stay with 102. 102 Officer Capt Rick Patrick accepted the position and became 2563's first commanding Officer.


Petrolia based 102 cadet MWO Mike Clouse was promoted to CWO and became the first 2563 cadet RSM. This was due to Paul Ainsworth aging out after the previous summer and 102 RSM CWO Nick Thiel staying on in Sarnia.

Since 1988, 2563 has had tremendous success delivering the Army Cadet program to the youth of Lambton County.

The unit has previously won the Strathcona Shield as the best small Corps in WOA. Previously winning several drill competitions, skill at arms competitions, band competitions and shooting competitions.

2563 cadets have previously been awarded prestigious awards such as the Major General Howard and ANAVETs medals.

2563 cadets have a very long track record of doing well in every aspect offered in Army Cadet Summer Training opportunities. It is estimated that since 1988, over 1000 summer training course cycles were successfully completed by individual 2563 cadets. Cadets in the unit have consistently had the opportunity to take or staff 2, 3 and 6 week courses here in Ontario, Nationally or Internationally. Cadets have travelled to England, Scotland, France and Belgium on 6 week International exchanges. 2563 has even had senior cadets successfully complete the Canadian Forces Basic Parachutist Course, considered to be one of the ultimate Army Cadet achievements.

Some 2563 senior cadets have had tremendous success staffing provincial and national Cadet Summer Training Centres. Some appointed as course Company Sergeant Majors or even as training centre Regimental Sergeant Major.

2563 cadets have also successfully excelled on a variety of regional, national and international expeditions.

The Dunlop Transport Building was named "Army Cadet Hall" shortly after the Corps was activated in 1988. It was home to 2563 for over 20 years until being sold off to a private party to be used as private storage.

The Corps then paraded out of the Petrolia Legion, which eventually proved to be challenging to effectively train cadets.

Due to the limitations of the Legion, a decision was made to find suitable accommodations in the Petrolia area to better train cadets. In Sept of 2014, 2563 started to train out of newly renovated Queen Elizabeth 2 School in Petrolia, for free. This was enabled by the current "Community Use of Schools" program.

Upon Formation of the Corps in 1988, the "Petrolia Army Cadet Committee" was formed as the first official sponsor of the Corps, operating successfully for several years fundraising and supporting the unit. The committee quickly saw the the benefit of registering the Corps as a Charity, something that is still active to this day and a rarity amongst Army Cadet Corps in the province. It operated for years under it's own set of policies and directives prior to the Army Cadet League installation of it's policy and guidelines being imposed on all active Army Cadet Corps in the Ontario.

Over the years, many local community groups, organizations, businesses and private citizens have supported the Corps with financial donations. Some of the substantial donors include all County Branches of the Royal Canadian Legion, OLG, Petrolia Lions Club, Petrolia Rotary Club, Seaway Kiwanis, Dr. W.A.C. MacDonald, First Hussars HCol Barry Hogan and Mr. Nicholas Thiel.

In 2016, the Brigden Branch 635 of the the Royal Canadian Legion took on an Official Sponsor role.

In November of 1988, the First Hussars Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment granted it's affiliation to the Corps, something that is still active today.

Capt Rick Patrick CD 1988 – 1990
Capt Tom Wiggins SR, CD 1990 – 1993
Capt Gene Smith, CD 1993 – 1996
Capt Charlie Condrod, CD 1996 – 1999
Capt Tom Wiggins SR, CD 1990 – 2002
Capt Charlie Condrod, CD 1996 – 1999
Capt Tom Wiggins SR, CD 1999 – 2002
Capt Charlie Condrod, CD 2002 – 2006
Capt Tom Wiggins SR, CD 2006 – 2010
Capt Charlie Condrod, CD 2010 – 2014
Capt Thomas J Wiggins JR, CD 2014 – 2015
Capt Carl Russell, CD 2015 – present
CWO Michael Clouse 1989
CWO Gerry Oriet 1990
CWO Heather Bowman 1991
CWO Greg Bernetic 1992
CWO Mike Marchand 1993
CWO Isaac Letkeman 1993
CWO John Fisher 1994
CWO Travis Snyder 1995
CWO Shawn Gleeson 1995
CWO Heather Sefton 1996
CWO Daniel Fournier 1997
CWO Nickolas Corcoran 1998
CWO Gregory Wing 1998
CWO Tom Wiggins 1999
CWO Nancy Wing 2000
CWO Melissa Wiggins 2001
CWO Ryan Klazinga 2001
CWO Mark Gravelle 2003
CWO Erica Wiggins 2004
CWO Kurtis Ironside 2004
CWO Randy Cunningham 2005
CWO Blake Grant 2006
CWO Lauren Simpson 2007
CWO Justin Armstrong 2008
CWO Lacey Townes 2009
CWO Eric Richter 2010
CWO Jessie Armstrong 2012
MWO Tyler Gray 2012
WO Wayne Smith 2012
WO Amanda Gray 2013
CWO Mark Richter 2014
CWO Buster Thiel 2016
CWO Tanner Bryce
CWO Sam Cateni


Active Annual Awards

Best Overall Cadet

Best Gold Star
Best Silver Star
Best Red Star
Best Green Star

Best Shot Air Rifle

Most Outstanding Recruit
Most Outstanding JR NCM
Most Outstanding SR NCM

Most Improved Cadet
Esprit De Corps

Commanding Officer's Honour Roll

Retired Annual Awards

Best Shot 303
Best Shot 22
Top Piper
Top Drummer
Donated by Wilson Electric Company

1989-1990 MWO Bowman, H.
1990-1991 Cpl Letkeman, L.
1991-1992 WO Berning, N.
1992-1993 Sgt Sefton, H.
1993-1994 WO Sefton, H.
1994-1995 WO Mathers, G.
1995-1996 CWO Sefton, H.
1996-1997 WO Wing, G.
1997-1998 WO Wing, N.
1998-1999 Sgt Klazinga, R.
1999-2000 MWO Fell, C. & MWO Wiggins, M. & CWO Wing, N.
2000-2001 MWO Gravelle, M.
2001-2002 CWO Regnier, T. & MWO Wiggins E.
2002-2003 CWO Wiggins, E. & MWO Ironside, K.
2003-2004 CWO Wiggins, E.
2004-2005 CWO Cunningham, R.
2005-2006 Sgt Walko, T.
2006-2007 MWO Simpson, L.
2007-2008 MWO Armstrong, J.
2008-2009 MWO McQuaid, C.
2009-2010 CWO Richter, E.
2010-2011 MWO Armstrong, J.
2011-2012 Sgt Richter, M.
2012-2013 WO Richter, M.
2013-2014 MWO Richter, M.
2014-2015 WO Thiel, B.
2015-2016 CWO Thiel, B.
1996-1997 Sgt Sefton, S.
1997-1998 M/Cpl Klazing, R.
1998-1998 WO Shand, C.
1999-2000 WO Shand, R.
2000-2001 MWO Wiggins, E.
2001-2002 WO Brown, D. & WO Whitney, M.
2002-2003 Sgt Cunningham, R.
2003-2004 Sgt Grant, B.
2004-2005 Sgt Laker, D.
2005-2006 Sgt Armstrong, J.
2006-2007 Sgt McQuaid, C. & Sgt Bell, C.
2007-2008 WO Townes, L.
2008-2009 WO Richter, E.
2009-2010 Sgt Gray, T.
2010-2011 Sgt Gray, A.
2011-2012 Sgt Richter, M.
2012-2013 Sgt Wood, N
2013-2014 WO Wakefield, M.
2014-2015 WO Thiel, B.
2015-2016 WO Barnes, H.
1995-1996 M/Cpl Sefton, S.
1996-1997 M/Cpl Shand, C.
1997-1998 M/Cpl Grant, C
1998-1998 M/Cpl Degrooy, W.
1999-2000 Sgt Gravelle, M.
2000-2001 Sgt Harris, W.
2001-2002 Sgt Cunningham, R.
2002-2003 M/Cpl Grant, B.
2003-2004 M/Cpl Laker, D.
2004-2005 M/Cpl Walko, T.
2005-2006 Cpl Bell, C.
2006-2007 M/Cpl Hennick, K
2007-2008 M/Cpl Richter, E.
2008-2009 M/Cpl Gray, T.
2009-2010 M/Cpl Cadman, S.
2010-2011 M/Cpl Armstrong, J.
2011-2012 M/Cpl Wood, N.
2012-2013 M/Cpl Hilchey, B.
2013-2014 M/Cpl Thiel, B.
2014-2015 Sgt Barnes, H.
2015-2016 M/Cpl Winter, R.A.
1996-1997 Cpl Knightley, P.
1997-1998 M/Cpl Regnier, T.
1998-1999 Cpl Flett, G.
1999-2000 M/Cpl Harris, W.
2000-2001 M/Cpl Cunningham, M.
2001-2002 M/Cpl Addison, M.
2002-2003 Tpr Laker, D.
2003-2004 M/Cpl Allan, D.
2005-2005 Cpl Bryce, J.
2005-2006 Tpr Hennick, K.
2006-2007 Cpl Richter, E.
2007-2008 Cpl Gray, T.
2008-2009 M/Cpl Gray, A.
2009-2010 M/Cpl Richter, M & M/Cpl Armstrong, J.
2010-2011 Cpl Wood, N.
2011-2012 Cpl Wakefield, M
2012-2013 Cpl Thiel, B.
2013-2014 Cpl Thomas, J.
2014-2015 M/Cpl South, J.
2015-2016 M/Cpl Winter, R.D.
1996-1997 Cdt Regnier, T.
1997-1998 Tpr Gravelle, M.
1998-1999 Tpr Clark, B.
1999-2000 Tpr Ingles, M. & Tpr Longworth, L.
2000-2001 Tpr Benusik, I.
2001-2002 Tpr Sullivan, C.
2002-2003 Tpr Armstrong, J.
2003-2004 Tpr Dunne, J.
2005-2006 Tpr Townes, L.
2007-2006 Tpr Richter, E.
2006-2007 Tpr Hemick, K.
2007-2008 Tpr Gray, A
2008-2009 Tpr Armstron, J.
2009-2010 Tpr Card, J.
2010-2011 Tpr Krull, A.
2011-2012 Tpr Chafe, N.
2012-2013 Cdt Thomas, J.
2013-2014 Cdt Ellison, M.
2015-2016 Cpl Blancher, B.
Donated By: Brigden Legion Branch 635

1998-1999 WO Shand, C.
1999-2000 NOT AWARDED
2000-2001 Tpr Benusik, I.
2001-2002 M/Cpl Benusik, I.
2002-2003 Sgt Benusik, I.
2003-2004 Sgt Benusik, I. (Retired From Award)
2004-2005 Tpr Townes, L.
2005-2006 Tpr Townes, L.
2006-2007 Sgt Townes, L.
2007-2008 NOT AWARDED
2008-2009 NOT AWARDED
2009-2010 NOT AWARDED
2010-2011 Cpl Card, J.
2011-2012 Tpr Thiel, B.
2012-2013 Cpl Thiel, B.
2013-2014 M/Cpl Thiel, B.
2014-2015 WO Thiel, B. (Retired From Award)
2015-2016 Cpl Blancher, B.
Charles "Tip" Corey Memorial Award

1989-1990 Cdt Brouwers, M.
1990-1991 Cdt Sefton, H.
1991-1992 NOT AWARDED
1992-1993 Cdt Sefton, S.
1993-1994 Tpr Kiteley, L
1994-1995 NOT AWARDED
1995-1996 Tpr May, M.
1996-1997 Tpr Grant, J.
1997-1998 Tpr Ironside, K.
1998-1999 Tpr Brown, D.
1999-2000 Tpr Anderson, M.
2000-2001 Tpr Regnier, S
2001-2002 Tpr Simpson, L.
2002-2003 Cdt Thorne, N.
2003-2004 Tpr Bryce, J.
2004-2005 Tpr Hennick, K.
2005-2006 Cdt Armstrong, J.
2006-2007 Tpr Wilson, D.
2007-2008 Tpr Ewing, A.
2008-2009 Tpr Mevis, Y
2009-2010 Tpr Gray, A.
2010-2011 Tpr Wakefield, M.
2011-2012 Tpr Thiel, B.
2012-2013 Tpr Barnes, H.
2013-2014 Tpr South, J.
2014-2015 Cpl Winter, R.
2015-2016 NOT AWARDED
Donated by Petrolia Police Association

1989-1990 WO Jackson, J.
1990-1991 WO Marchand, M.
1991-1992 Cdt Corcoran, N.
1992-1993 Letkeman, I.
1993-1994 Cpl Ironside, J.
1994-1995 Cpl Fell, C.J.
1995-1996 M/Cpl Tetreault, M.
1996-1997 M/Cpl Klazinga, R.
1997-1998 M/Cpl Shand, R.
1998-1999 M/Cpl Wiggins, E.
1999-2000 Tpr Whitney, M
2000-2001 Sgt Whitney, M
2001-2002 M/Cpl Regnier, S.
2002-2003 Sgt Regnier, S.
2003-2004 M/Cpl Racher, C.
2004-2005 M/Cpl Armstrong, J.
2005-2006 M/Cpl Tessier, R.
2006-2007 M/Cpl Armstrong, J.
2007-2008 M/Cpl Cadman, J.
2008-2009 Cpl Cadman, A.
2009-2010 M/Cpl Richter, M
2010-2011 Cpl, Krull, A.
2012-2013 Cpl Chafe, N.
2013-2014 Cpl Barnes, H.
2014-2015 Cpl Winter, R.
2015-2016 NOT AWARDED
Donated by: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 216 Petrolia

1989-1990 Sgt Bernetic, N.
1990-1991 WO Bernetic, N.
1991-1992 Cpl Sefton, H.
1992-1993 Cpl Conrod, A
1993-1994 M/Cpl Wiggins, T.
1994-1995 Sgt Wing, G
1995-1996 MWO Fournier, D.
1996-1997 WO Mathers, G.
1997-1998 SGT Sefton, S.
1998-1999 Sgt Regnier, T.
1999-2000 WO Klazinga, R.
2000-2001 WO Ironside, J.
2001-2002 WO Shea, B.
2002-2003 WO Shea, B.
2003-2004 WO Cunningham, R.
2004-2005 WO Simpson, L.
2005-2006 Sgt Allan, D.
2006,-2007 WO Armstrong, J.
2007-2008 WO Bell, C.
2008-2009 Sgt Armstrong, J.
2009-2010 Sgt Gray, A.
2010-2011 Sgt Gray, T.
2011-2012 Sgt Card, J.
2012-2013 M/Cpl Wakefield, M.
2013-2014 WO Thompson, H.
2014-2015 WO Chafe, N.
2015-2016 NOT AWARDED
Donated by Petrolia Lions Club

1989-1990 M/Cpl Snyder, T.
1990-1991 Sgt Taylor, C.
1991-1992 Wo Fisher, J.
1992-1993 Tpr Jackson, S.
1993-1994 CWO Snyder, T.
1994-1995 Sgt Corcoran, N.
1995-1996 Tpr Grant, C.
1996-1997 M/Cpl Laurie, S.
1997-1998 Cpl Richardson, S.
1998-1999 Cpl Shea, B.
1999-2000 Sgt Richardson, S.
2000-2001 Sgt Douglas, A.
2001-2002 Sgt Cunningham, R.
2002-2003 Sgt Benuisk, I.
2003-2004 Sgt Guilfoyle, J.
2004-2005 WO Guilfoyle, J
2005-2006 M/Cpl Tessier, R.
2006-2007 M/Cpl Vanderwal, J.
2007-2008 Sgt Hennick, K.
2008-2009 Tpr Townes, K.
2009-2010 M/Cpl Townes, K.
2010-2011 Cpl Card, J.
2011-2012 Cpl Thompson, H.
2012-2013 M/Cpl Spiers, F.
2013-2014 Sgt Spiers, F.
2014-2015 NOT AWARDED
2015-2016 NOT AWARDED
This award, with an accompanying $500 scholarship, is presented to a retiring senior cadet who intends to pursue a career in either policing or with the military in keeping with the memory of Kim Serrick.


22 year old OPP Constable Kim Serrick, was a former Army Cadet RSM and also a 2Lt on staff at 2563. She was killed by a drunk driver on November 26, 1989. More details surrounding this tragic event can be found written by her friend Shawn Berry here.


Gerry Oriet 1990
Heather Bowman 1991
Greg Bernetic 1992
Isaac Letkeman 1993
Travis Snyder 1995
Shawn Gleeson 1995
Heather Sefton 1996
Dan Fournier 1997
Nick Corcoran 1998
Greg Wing 1998
Tom Wiggins 1999
Gordon Mathers 1999
Crystal Shand 2000
Nancy Wing 2000
Jeremy Ironside 2000
Crystal Fell 2000
Michelle Tetreault 2000
Geoff Flett 2000
Melissa Wiggins 2000
Ryan Klazinga 2001
Tim Regnier 2002
Erica Wiggins 2004
Randy Cunningham 2005
Lauren Simpson 2007
Justin Armstrong 2009
Eric Richter 2011
Jesse Armstrong 2012
Matt Wakefield 2015
Mark Richter 2016
2Lt Kim Serrick
Charlie Coutts
Jack Dunlop
Jim Clouse

Sherry Carpenter
Muriel Coutts
Barb Fell

Gord Perry
Donna Mathers
Alf Wing

Rick Patrick
Fred Oriet
Harvey Wilson

Gene Smith
Wayne Windjack

William Ironside
Tom Davidson
Karen Wiggins
Lynn Jackson

John Mathers
Gwen Johnson
Marlene Conrod
Scott Laurie

Harold Schuilenberg
W.A.C. MacDonald

Tom J. Wiggins
Gordon Mathers

Susan Laker
Hank Vroom

Ann Ollerenshaw
Pat Harwood

Charlie Conrod
George Vandenburg

Cherry Johnson

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 216

Randy Cunningham
Erica Wiggins
Melissa Wiggins

Tom Wiggins
Petrolia Lions Club

Nicholas Thiel
Justin Armstrong
Jason Carruthers

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 216

Veterans Way program

Joe Murray
Donated by Legion Branch 216 Ladies Auxiliary Petrolia

1989-1990 Cdt Letkeman, I.
1990-1991 MWO Bernetic, G.
1991-1992 Cpl Stankevich, S.
1992-1993 Sgt Gleeson, S.
1993-1994 MWO Gleeson, S.
1994-1995 MWO Sefton, H.
1995-1996 WO Wing, G.
1996-1997 M/Cpl Tetreault, M.
1997-1998 Sgt Sefton, S.
1998-1999 Tpr Oleniuk, C.
1999-2000 Sgt Wiggins, E.
2000-2001 WO Shea, B.
2001-2002 WO Shea, B. & M/Cpl Menusik, I.
2002-2003 Wo Douglas, A.
2003-2004 TPR Laker, P.
2004-2005 M/Cpl Walko, T.
2006-2007 Sgt Townes, L.
2007-2008 WO Townes, L. & WO Bell, C.
2008-2009 M/Cpl Smith, D.
2009-2010 Cpl Wood, N.
2010-2011 Tpr Thompson, H.
2011-2012 Cpl Salisbury, H.
2012-2013 M/Cpl Thompson, H.
2013-2014 WO Wakefiled, M.
2014-2015 Cpl Olaya, E.
2015-2016 Cpl Currie, D.
1994-1995 Cdt Tetreault, M.
1995-1996 M/Cpl Fell, C.
1996-1997 NOT AWARDED
1997-1998 Trp Gravelle, M.
1998-1999 Sgt Shand, R.
1999-2000 M/Cpl Harris, W.
2000-2001 Tpr Norton, T.
2001-2002 M/Cpl Norton, T.
1994-1995 Cpl Wing, N.
1995-1996 C/Cpl Wing, N.
1996-1997 D/Maj Wing, N.
1997-1998 Tpr Moffatt, A.
1998-1999 M/Cpl Ironside
1999-2000 m/Cpl Clark B.
2000-2001 WO Shea, B.
2001-2002 M/Cpl Regnier, S.
Donated By: OCdt J. Field

1992-1993 Sgt Gleeson, S.
1994-1995 WO Brouwers, R.
1995-1996 Sgt Mathers, G.
1997-1998 MWO Mathers, G. & Sgt Tretreault, M. & MWO Wiggins, T.
Donated By: Muriel & Charlie Coutts

1992-1993 Cdt Wiggins, T.
1993-1994 Tpr Salisbury, J.
1994-1995 Cdt Klazinga, R.
1995-1996 WO Wiggins, T.
1996-1997 WO Mathers, G.
1997-1998 M/Cpl Klazinga, R.
1998-1999 Sgt Klazinga, R.
1999-2000 Tpr MacIntosh, J.
2000-2001 WO Wiggins, E.