First Hussars On Site Liaison

Cpl Walter Palombo

Walter Palombo is an electronic security salesperson for Damar Security Systems, specializing in burglar alarm systems, video surveillance and access control. He is also a Corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, Armoured Corps. His career choice, Gunner/Driver for the 1st Hussars Garrison based out of Sarnia, ON.

Cpl Palombo has been assisting 2563 and it’s Cadets over the course of it’s training year with respect to various elements found in the Cadet Program that mirror components of Army training in general. Leadership, dress and deportment being some of the areas of focus. This is his second training year working with 2563 1H RC(ARMY)CC

Cpl Palombo is a father of 2 teenage girls, Kristin and Kayla Palombo, and stepfather of 2 girls, Sammy and Allison Brook. He describes himself as a very dedicated and involved dad. His daughters think he may be a little too involved but that is perfectly ok with him. Cpl Palombo believes being “too involved” in his daughters’ lives is a parenting technique he has perfected.

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