Deputy Commanding Officer

Lt (N) Brett Russell, CD

Lt. (N) Brett C. Russell CD became involved with the Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO) in 1988 when he enrolled in the Sarnia Sea Cadet Corps, 132 R.C.S.C.C. Repulse. After 7 years, he attained the rank of Cadet Chief Petty Officer First Class in 1993 and graduated from the program in 1995. After graduating, he enrolled as a Naval Cadet in May of 1996 in the CIC.  He’s worked at both HMCS Ontario in Kingston, Ontario and at HMCS Quadra in Comox, British Columbia. In 2000 he was selected  to attend the Tender Charge Vessel Operator course at the Naval Officer Training Centre, HMCS Venture, in Esquimalt, British Columbia.  Most recently, in 2016 he served as First Lieutenant at HMCS Ontario, in Kingston.

Lt. (N) Russell has worked at various cadet units in multiple capacities, serving as a Platoon Officer, Divisional Officer, Training Officer, Executive Officer, Supply Officer, Administration Officer, and Commanding Officer.

Married to his wife Caroline for 7 years, they have three wonderful daughters, Sarah, Andrea and Gabrielle, and a beautiful granddaughter, Hayden.

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