Chief Warrant Officer

Mark Richter

CWO Richter enrolled at 2563 Petrolia the week of his 12th Birthday and released 7 years later in 2015, 2 months prior to his 19th birthday.

CWO Richter qualified both Master Cadet and NSE Level 4.

CWO Richter was the recipient of numerous 2563 unit awards throughout his cadet career. These include Best Red Star, Most Outstanding JR NCM, Best Gold Star and Best Over All Cadet.

CWO Richter was awarded the Army Cadet Long Service Medal, Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence and Lord Strathcona Medal.

CWO Richter successfully attended 2 week General Training Course, 3 week Basic Drill & Ceremonial Course, 6 week Drill & Ceremonial Instructor Course, 18 day Madawaska Regional Expedition, 6 week Basic Expedition Course (Staff Cadet Sgt) and the 5 week Basic Parachutist Course.

CWO Richter is the recipient of the $500 Kim Serrick Memorial award.

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